Bummer of a Summer

I would love to say that I have been too busy SUPping to post anything. The reality being that I can probably count on my hands the number of times I've been out since I last posted.

A combination of too much work, windy weekends, unreliable rail services, and just life in general have conspired to keep me off of the water.

I did, however, manage a couple of things over the summer.

We spent two weeks in Cornwall and I got to spend three lessons with Glenn Eldridge of Ocean Sports Centre in Carbis Bay. He coached me on paddling technique primarily, and that has given me the ability to go farther and faster than I have before. Still need to work on it, and I have only been out about four times since, but the results have been astounding. Going to show that it isn't just about the board; the paddling is just as, if not more, important.

However, it did also bring home to me just how much a nice solid touring board would suit me (as I got to use one of his Starboards).

I got to try a couple at the open day Shore hosted in East Wittering back in July, and I think I've settled on the 12' Nah Skwell Fit. It gives a little bit more speed in the chop without sacrificing stability. I've found it more stable than most of the touring boards I've tried. Sure, maybe it isn't as fast as others, but I don't have to race. I still have to convince my wife that it can comfortably sit in her studio/garden shed on the wall without too much hassle.

I am also awaiting the arrival of a new paddle which I had tried out on that day: the X-Paddle Race 3-piece adjustable. The reason I chose it is because the guy who was selling it was also the designer and has clear enthusiasm to bring good design to paddling without it getting too expensive. Similar paddles from other makes can run from up to £100 to £200 more, and I gave it a try and liked it.

Anyway, that's my latest. Ironically, it looks like autumn may find me out and about more. We'll see.

I hope you have been enjoying the summer, and I hope to post again soon.