SUP Season is Back!

After a long, windy Winter, it is now all right for the less-skilled like myself to go back into the water on a regular basis.

It seems over most of the Winter there was a conspiracy between family lurgies, the wind, the tide, and the rains to keep me from getting out on the board.

I have now managed to make it out at least once a week for the past month or so and am glad to be back on the board regularly. In fact, I even had the treat of a playmate for about ten minutes a couple of weeks ago, near the pier in Worthing:

 A visit from a seal

A visit from a seal

I do intend to write more, but the only chance I get is on the train and I have been avoiding carrying my laptop due to some shoulder issues, but this will soon let up.

I wish all one of my readers all the best, and hope they are enjoying the SUP stoke as much as me.