Why the Kook?

Because that's what my daughter calls me...Mainly because I'm so inexperienced and definitely not cool. But eager. 

I am a newly-minted MAMIN (middle-aged man in neoprene) who learned how to SUP for the first time in May 2015 and was immediately smitten, and now obsessed, with Stand-Up Paddling. 

I want to "share the stoke" and share a bit of information for the fellow newcomer or people thinking about taking it up - or even people who've been doing it forever - such as reviews for the kit I have bought, reviews of the businesses I've patronised, things I've learned, and personal stories about my own - so far, limited - experiences.

Besides that, I am a former Yank, living on the South Coast of England (Worthing, West Sussex to be exact), with a wonderful, patient, long-suffering wife and two beautiful daughters (a teenager and a toddler). I spend most weekdays commuting to my desk job in London and daydreaming about the weekend and how I can fit a SUP session or two into it.

And if you ever want to e-mail me or to go out for a paddle, get in touch...